Bike trip and cycling

Why experiment bike trip and cycling? This is the question to which we offer you some answers:

To preserve the environment

Like hiking, or horseback riding, this mode of travel requires only human energy. It therefore allows you to discover landscapes and animals in a way that respects nature.

Cycling tour in the dolomites
Image by Gianni Crestani from Pixabay

Travel greater distances than on foot

On average, cycling offers twice the speed of hiking. Obviously, it offers less freedom of movement, but in return, allows you to take more weight, if necessary.

road bike trip
Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay

Encourage meetings

The bike rides are done at a gentle pace and in the open air. Thus, they are conducive to fostering discussion. Especially since cycling can arouse interest from people you meet.

Where to go cycling?

Like walking, one can cycle almost anywhere where roads and trails exist. For example:

Bike ride in Brittany
Image by xavier Legall from Pixabay

Cycling in France

With its dense road network and its many villages and regions, France offers many possibilities for cycling. Whether for the itinerant to cross regions, or star, for day departures, you will inevitably find your happiness. Check out our French partner.

Browse Madagascar

This country, recognized worldwide for its fauna, offers great cycling opportunities. The low traffic of cars, as well as a road crossing the island, makes it possible to fully enjoy the experience. Just have a look at our French-speaking Malagasy partner.

Coatis by the roadside in Costa Rica
Image by falco from Pixabay

Cycling through Costa Rican nature

Between volcanoes and oceans, Costa Rica offers unique panoramas to cyclists. Between tracks and roads, descents and climbs, the variety will be there! Discover our French-speaking Costa rican partner.

Cycling in Chile

If you want to vary the activities, it is also possible to do only a few cycling trips during a stay focused on other leisure activities. This is also the case with the circuit offered by our English-speaking Chilean partner.

If this article has made you want to go on a bike ride, consider checking out our list to prepare for your bike trip and cycling.

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