Hike in the Verdon gorges

After enjoying the Dordogne region for a good week, we headed for the Var. More exactly, we were near Brignoles, that is to say, barely more than an hour, from a hike in the Gorges du Verdon. Indeed, the closest we have found starts its loop at Quinson. We were finally going to know if the colors of the Verdon are as incredible as in the photos …

Start of the hike in the Gorges du Verdon at Quinson

Departure of the hike from Quinson

Despite a number of people already present on the scene, we easily find a place to park in the city center. From then on, we walk for ten minutes along a lake. Then we reach the level of the bridge, the starting point for the hike along the Verdon. We can already see a good number of pedal boats and other paddles plunging into the canyon. It good be a good idea to discover the site by sliding on the river with green waters.

Le Verdon, a classic for tourists

Walk along the Verdon river

The first half of the hike consists of walking along the river. Thereby we enjoy superb views of the incredible colors (and yes, they are really incredible) of the Verdon. Some passages are made on three or four meter walls, so if you are with children, be especially vigilant. Indeed, if there is a guardrail on one side (a simple railing moreover), there is none on the other.

Back to Quinson

The second part of this elongated loop consists of returning through the hills. If part of the path is rather shaded (moreover there is even a passage in a cave where a small flashlight is welcome), a good part is in full sun. So remember to bring hats and something to drink (but as often when hiking).

If the preview of this 3h30 hike in the Verdon gorges made you want to do it yourself, then go to the Visorando website. You’ll find all the details (in french though) in there. And if you want to discover other places in France or elsewhere, it’s here:


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