Why trekking in Ecuador?

The smallest country of the Andes has a lot to offer to those who want to visit it. Indeed, endowed with a rich nature, and a culture of its own, there is bound to be your happiness. So it’s logical that we offer you to discover why trekking in Ecuador.

Hiking in a variety of landscapes

Ecuador has the dual advantage of being a reasonably sized country and having a road infrastructure in good condition. This provides easy access to different parts of the country to appreciate its diversity.

Crossing the Amazon jungle

trek in equatorial jungle
Image by Vera Eugster of Pixabay

The east of the country has part of the Amazon rainforest on its territory. It is therefore possible to walk there in order to appreciate the animals and plants that make up it.

Climbing volcanoes

The country has more than a hundred volcanoes, ten of which rise to more than 5000 meters. This is also the case of the Cotapaxi pictured above, which reaches nearly 5900 meters. Suffice to say that it has enough to delight fans of these telluric monsters.

Discovering ancient civilizations

The history of Ecuador is very rich because the region has been inhabited for at least 3000 years before Christ. At present, the Valvidia civilization would be the oldest in the country. Then he was succeeded by the Amerindians, then the Incas until the arrival of the Spanish in the 16th century. This succession of cultures has left rich remnants that can be admired at the turn of a trek in the Andes mountains.

Going to the Galapagos Islands

And yes, these islands so famous for their exceptional wildlife are part of Ecuador! Be careful though, as they are 1000 kms from the coast and a domestic flight is therefore usually necessary to go and see more closely turtles and iguanas. Unless you turn your stay into a cruise in the hope of seeing whales!

Enjoying local gastronomy

The equatorial cuisine is the image of its landscape: varied. It mixes meat or fish depending on the region with some key products: potatoes, bananas and rice. To give you an idea of the dishes, for example:

  • Bolon de verde: plantain doughnut stuffed with cheese.
  • Ceviche: cooked and marinated fish or crustaceans.
  • Cuy: grilled guinea pig.
  • Encebollado: fish soup made with cassava and onions
  • Fritada: pork with bananas, corn and french fries.

Walking through equatorial cities

Cities can sometimes be gems to visit. Thus, Quito, the capital is listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site for its perfectly preserved colonial-style historic centre. And if you like colors, the city of Cuenca should please you (pictured above).

Convinced why trekking in Ecuador?

Don’t forget to check your visas, vaccines and other… You can check out our list to remember nothing!

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