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It is no coincidence that the name of the country rhymes with Safari! And as if that were not enough, it also shelters Kilimanjaro. Something to dream about …

Elephants en Tanzanie

28 March 2020


This Eastern European country is full of cultural riches still unknown to most people. Would you like to know more? So go to our dedicated article on the subject: “Why hiking in Serbia?”

Chateau en Serbie


This huge island off the coast of Africa is full of fabulous landscapes and animals.

lémurien à madagascar

27 March 2020


Immensity of the landscapes, low population, Mongolia offers a comparison with incomparable nature.

Yourte près de l'Altai en Mongolie


Close to Peru, you will find the Andes, ancient civilizations and … the Amazon jungle of course!

Lamas près d'un lac de cratère en Equateur

26 March 2020


The country of the trek between volcanoes par excellence! To find out more about the benefits of hiking in Iceland, see our dedicated article on the subject: “Why trekking in Iceland?“

seljalandsfoss en Islande


The land of Tomb Raider with these mythical temples and its lush nature.

temple d'angkor wat au Cambodge

25 March 2020

Canary islands

These seven Spanish islands close to the Moroccan coasts all have their originality. Find the one that suits you best! For more details on the reasons for hiking in the Canaries, see our dedicated article on the subject: “Why trekking in the Canaries?“

Paysage volcanique à Lanzarote


Cultural wealth and mountains galore, this European country has everything to please.

Le monastère de Rila en Bulgarie

Torres del paine in Chile

Located in the south of Chile, this region is particularly famous for its mountains and glaciers.

Glacier à Torres del Paine au Chili

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