3 free days of vacation until 12/25/2021!

As December is fast approaching, it’s time to help Santa a little bit! And our way of doing it is by adding 3 days of vacation offered in the hood. All you have to do is choose your destination.


How to benefit from your free vacation days?

All you need to do is subscribe to our newsletter before 12/25/2021 with the code BABELTREKNOEL21. In addition, this offer is valid for any purchase of a stay of one week (7 days) or more for a group of 5 people on our platform. You can therefore choose any destination. However, only one person in the group can benefit from it.

How does the reimbursement work?

When purchasing a stay on our babeltrek.com site, you must use the same e-mail as when registering for our newsletter. Then, on your return, we will reimburse you on your credit card.

How to calculate the refunded amount?

The amount is equivalent to three days of vacation offered for one person. This price is calculated on the average of the number of days and people. For example: if you go one week (7 days) to five for 1000 € then the refund will be 85 €. Indeed, the detail of the calculation is: 1000 € / (7 * 5) = 28 € * 3 days, or 85 €.

The duration corresponds to each day on site (note that a day is considered full regardless of the actual duration on site).


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