Why trekking in the Canary Islands?

All countries have their attractions when it comes to walking. It is therefore often difficult to choose. Today, we invite you to discover why trekking in the Canary Islands. The size of the islands also lend themselves very well to star hiking.

Los hervideros - Lanzarote cliffs in the Canary Islands
Image by Bernd Hildebrandt of Pixabay

For the diversity of landscapes

If all the Canary Islands are volcanic. However, there are real differences in landscapes between them:

  • Lanzarote: the most lunar with its black mineral landscapes and wind-defying vines
  • Tenerife: the largest, with its must-see central volcano, El Teide at more than 3700 m.
  • Fuerteventura: the most desert and the least steep of the Canary Islands
  • GranCanaria: the most populous. This miniature continent has the greatest diversity of landscapes.
  • La Gomera: the most lush with its sub-tropical vegetation.
  • La Palma: the most naturally irrigated. The flanks of volcanoes are therefore covered with greenery.
  • El Hierro: the smallest. Once identified as the end of the world for Europeans, the entire island is now recognized as a biosphere reserve by Unesco.


Panorama of El Teide in Tenerife in the Canary Islands
Photo by jordi_martos on Pixabay

The panorama below shows El Teide, with its over 3700m it is the highest point in Spain. Accessible by road up to 2,356, a cable car can reach 3555m after, it is by walking that you will have to do the rest. Be careful, it’s very cold up there! But all the islands have their volcanoes. Lanzarote’s is still in operation.

The desert

Desert in Fuerventura in the Canary Islands
Image by Mattia Verga of Pixabay

Don’t expect sand desert. Although some places have dunes, such as above in Fuertventura, the main talk is stone desert in the Canary Islands.

The forest

Gomera Forest in the Canary Islands
Image by Greg Montani of Pixabay

As much as volcanoes and deserts are almost omnipresent on the islands, as much the forest could not be invited everywhere. You’ll find them mostly in La Gomera (above) and La Palma, although Gran Canaria and Tenerife can also offer some shady walks.

The ocean

Inevitably ubiquitous in an archipelago, it offers beautiful chiseled and steep coastlines. It can also be an opportunity for sports such as surfing or diving.

For culture

Tenerife auditorium
Image by Hans Braxmeier of Pixabay

Without being the main asset of the islands, there are some nice things to see. The creations of architect César Manrique, a local prodigy, who superbly combines nature and architecture in Lanzarote. In Tenerife, don’t miss the auditorium with its Sydney opera air (size aside) or the historic district of La Laguna. There is also Santa Cruz de La Palma and its colonial architecture.

Convinced why trekking in the Canary Islands? In this case, you can contact our local partner. Don’t forget to check your visas, vaccines and other… You can check out our list to remember nothing!


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