What to do during containment?

As we love travel and trekking, we are not going to talk about activities to do with the kids or cleaning the house. Instead, we’ll stick to our prediction theme, and see what to do during the containment to prepare for his next trek!

young woman in containment wondering what to do
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Choosing your next destination

There are several criteria for choosing your next trip. The importance of these depends on the news of each one.

The period

The period is very important because it will condition the possible trips. In fact, we generally avoid walking during the monsoon, in unbearable heat or cold weather for example. Given the current environment, we recommend planning trips for the fall of 2020 at the earliest.

Have you defined your period? Is that even your main criterion? You can directly search for your treks by entering the month in our search engine. And if you’re flexible enough on your dates, you can also check out our page by season.

The proximity

Road to the distance
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Do you prefer short trips or destinations that can be reached without a plane? In these cases, enter your location in the “where” part of our search engine. Only the nearest destinations will appear.

The type of trekking

If we prefer beautiful landscapes, some prefer proximity to exotic wildlife, others even cultural aspects. That’s why we’ve created a dedicated page that allows you to search for our treks by affinity. Obviously, the number of stars attributed to our treks is purely subjective. It has no absolute value, but gives an idea of what to expect.

Physically preparing

physical training for the trek during a containment
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Many treks do not require any particular physical preparation. However, if you’ve never done one, the ideal is to hike during the day for an equivalent time… which is obviously impossible in this period of confinement. In this case, we recommend exercises good for cardio (jump rope type), as well as a little reinforcement, as described in the dedicated Article of goqii blog.

Immersing yourself in culture

Once your destination is stopped, you can start travelling without waiting for departure. Indeed, reading books and novels or watching films that are taking place in the country concerned is a good way to immerse yourself. Here are some resources:

Escape during containment with a book
Image by Mystic Art Design from Pixabay

And why not learn the language? Not only will you amaze your guests with your basics, but it can also be a tell-tale of how you think.

Plan everything around the trip

Visa, Taxi, Insurance, pet care, care of your plants, etc. There are a lot of things to plan for your trip to be smooth. We also prepare a small list to check that you have thought of everything!

We hope that our modest contribution to what to do during containment will help you get through this delicate period as best you can.


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