Why trekking in Morocco?

All countries have their attractions when it comes to walking. It is therefore often difficult to choose. Today, we invite you to discover why trekking in Morocco. But before detailing the reasons, we suggest you immerse yourself in the mood with a short video of a trek in the valley of roses.

Walk in beautiful landscapes

The photo above was taken during one of our treks in the valley of roses. As you can see, arid and red lands are legion. The mountains also offer a beautiful relief. Besides the country has many mountains where to walk: the Rif, Middle Atlas, Anti-Atlas, High Atlas. With two thirds of the territory which is mountainous, the choice is not lacking. But the mountains are not the only possible setting. With the Sahara to the south and a great length of maritime coasts, there is always a beautiful place where to trek whatever the month of the year!

Valley of roses in Morocco

Trekking all year round

Depending on the geographic area, it is possible to go walking in Morocco all year round. The Atlantic coast alone already offers this possibility. As the Sahara is practiced from October to March so as not to suffer from the heat. The mountains, meanwhile, are to be traveled from spring to autumn depending on the area. This is so as not to suffer from the cold this time!

kasbah mosque in marrakech - Morocco
Sunset on the kasbah mosque

Satisfy your thirst for culture

Inhabited for a long time by the Berbers (source Wikipedia), and having known an economic activity throughout its history, Morocco is full of testimonies of the past. Medinas, archaeological site, old towns, mosques … history buffs will be delighted.

Enjoy the local gastronomy


Moroccan food is rich and tasty. Couscous, tagines, chorba soup … vegetables are in the spotlight in Moroccan cuisine. The mint tea and its dose of sugar pleasantly washed down the meal. And for the most gourmet, oriental pastries are no longer to be presented. For those who prefer healthier desserts, the fruits are delicious. Only point of attention: water. Care should be taken to drink only bottled water and fruit washed in purified water. Otherwise digestive disorders may invite themselves during your stay.

Limiting its carbon impact

If the plane is the fastest way to reach Morocco from Europe, it is however possible to go otherwise. Indeed, passing through Spain and using a ferry, it is possible to reach Morocco by car, bus or even train!

Convinced of why trekking in Morocco? In this case, you can contact our local partner. Do not forget to check your visas, vaccines and others … You can consult our list to not forget anything!