Guide FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to post a listing?

As a small demonstration is often better than a long speech:

Just choose beautiful photos and click on “Post listing”: it’s done!

  • How to enter payment information?

It will depend on the country where you practice:

    • It is in this list, so an IBAN is enough
    • It has the function “Receive” when you choose it in this list, so a Paypal pro account is enough
    • It is not in one of the two lists below. Contact us to set up a mandate between our companies.
  • How to change price depending on the number of persons?

If the price varies according to the number of people, a simple solution is to indicate it in the description. For instance: “Price for 4 persons. If more or less, contact us”.
You can also create several postings: a posting for the smallest group (for example: minimum number of people = 1, price = 100 € per person), a second simplified posting for your group a little bigger (for example: minimum number of people = 4, price = 75 €), and so on.

For these simplified postings, just put:

  • in title: the same title as the complete posting by adding the minimum number of people (for example: “My posting” becomes “My posting – 4p).
  • In description: “See the full description in the posting of the same name without group price”.
  • in price: the price for the number of people
  • in image: only the same first photo as the complete posting.

For the rest (duration, level, …) put the same thing as the full posting.

  • How to find my closed postings?

You’ll have to go to your profil and click on the link in the above screenshot:

  • How to make a deposit?

Our solution does not manage deposits as such. In case of group, however, it is possible to place the order in several times. The first order (for a person for example) is then used as deposit. Be careful to make it clear to your client that it will be validated only if other orders are passed. Note that in case of refund of this order, the bank charges will be your responsibility.

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