Why trekking in Ethiopia ?

There are many criteria that can play on the choice of the destination of his next trek. Although everyone has their own preferences, I suggest you to discover in this article why trekking in Ethiopia.

walk in Ethiopia for the beauty of Danakil
Image by Afrikit on Pixabay

Hike in an extraordinary nature

The picture above gives you an overview of it. The Danakil desert, for example, in northern Ethiopia is simply extraordinary. This is the kind of color that we do not imagine in the natural state. But there are many more, like Siemen National Park to name just one. You can find endemic species in this region, such as Gelada baboon for example.

See the vestiges of Ethiopian history

Visit Ethiopia for its medieval castles
Image by Heiss on Pixabay

Ethiopia is considered a cradle of humanity. It is here that Lucie was exhumed. It is also one of the few African countries to have largely avoided colonization. In other words, the country is rich in history. You will be able to admire its medieval buildings in Gondar or its Orthodox churches. Yes, you read correctly. This is one of the tricks of history that makes Ethiopia one of the few Orthodox countries!

There are also the famous forest churches in the north of the country. Ethiopians themselves know this heritage badly enough. By the way if you want to know more. Geo has published an article on the subject (in french though). To give you a taste of it, here is an translated extract:

Some, built from the thirteenth century, are as old as Notre Dame Cathedral! They are about 30,000 in the highlands. Formerly, all were surrounded by trees. But we see no more forests worthy of the name than around a few hundred of them, a thousand at most.

Discover different lifestyles

The different peoples living in Ethiopia are an opportunity to appreciate the richness of cultures: Habesha speaking Semitic languages, Oromos cultivating the land of the highlands or Afar pastoralists. Each people has its peculiarities and way of life.

Meet the Ethiopian people
Image by Afrikit on Pixabay

Trek to participate in the opening of the country

While there are still sources of tension along the borders, the country is making great efforts to open up to attract tourists. Besides, several media testify, like ENCA. He is also trying to tackle his ecological problems.

Convinced of why trekking in Ethiopia ? In this case, you can contact our local partner. Know that the best time to go there is from October to March (even until May if you do not fear a little rain). Do not forget to check your visas, vaccines and more … You can consult our list to forget nothing!