Hiking in Draveil

Sometimes the way out to get some fresh air is a little delayed by the daily tasks. In this case, we prefer proximity and short durations. This is the case of this hiking in Draveil around the cherries harbour. About 30 minutes from our home and lasting about 3 hours, it perfectly corresponded to our criteria.

start of the hike in Draveil

Start of the hike

The departure is from a car park near the cherry port. However, depending on the traffic, we advise you to park on a street a little before. This first part is rather discovered so think about taking a hat. It gives the opportunity to follow the water in the park of the cherries harbour and to see horses and geese.

geese geese in cherry port park

Draveil Castle

Once the first part of the walk is done, we reach the city center. It is then an opportunity to admire the castle of Draveil. Admittedly, this is not Versailles, but we always appreciate having variety in our walks. And it deserves a photo stop, doesn’t it?

Draveil Castle

Passing through the city

Then we go through the city centre a little bit. The opportunity to have a snack in a bakery before we go back on our way. The latter allows us to discover the ancillary buildings of the town hall… Appendixes that I find more beautiful than the town hall itself. Besides I did not even take this one in a picture …

annexes of the town hall of Draveil

Villiers Castle

Before returning to the park to follow the Seine, we have the opportunity to see a nice pond and then the second castle of the route.


After a short walk in denser vegetation, we find the banks of the Seine that we follow for quite a while. This is an opportunity to pass on pretty wooden and metal walkways. The third will worry me a little because the wooden planks will seem too soft under my weight step …

Cherries harbour and its boats

The third footbridge offers a superb view of the houseboats moored in a cove of the Seine.

the boats of the port with cherries

In conclusion

A very nice hike in a loop of a small half-day in the Paris region. The end of the walk even offers the possibility to see a menhir (the Mousseau Stone). Finally for children, the park offers attractions (closed as I write its lines because of COVID 19). It’s enough to plan a good day with your family and outdoors.

menhir of the stone in Mousseau

I hope it makes you want to go on this hiking in Draveil. If so, find all the necessary information about Visorando (in french though).

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