Why hiking in Egypt?

Without doubt one of the most famous African countries in Europe because of its rich history, Egypt has an immense cultural heritage. But it is also one of the emblematic places associated with the desert and the gateway to the Middle East. After this outline, find out in more detail why hiking in Egypt.     

 dromedaries walking near the pyramids of Egypt
 Image by Nadine Doerlé on Pixabay

Get closer to the Pharaohs and dive into history 

Who does not know the pyramids of Egypt, tomb of the pharaohs? After more than four thousand years of existence, they still constitute a mystery as to the way in which they were built: ramps, moldings, lever … Will it ever be lifted? In addition to this Egyptian icon, there are many UNESCO heritage sites. For example:

  • Greek heritage of the city of Thebes and its necropolis,
  • Buildings of historic Cairo
  • Temples of Ramses and Nefertari of Abu Simbel …

 Something to satisfy any lover of historic architecture!

 Hiking in the white desert of Egypt
 Image by juls26 on Pixabay

 Hiking in Egypt through the desert

The Sahara extends its eastern part as far as Egypt where it takes an astonishing shape: the white desert. Indeed, under the action of erosion, the white limestones have taken extraordinary forms, as the photo above attests. Separated from the latter by a mountain, the black desert, meanwhile, owes its name to its dark volcanic cones. Walking in such an environment is an experience to be lived.      

 walking in the Cairo bazaar
 Image by ramonvermij on Pixabay

 Make your way through a Cairo bazaar

The capital of Egypt has a lot to offer to the curious traveler. Indeed, the historic part of the city belongs to the UNESCO world heritage. In addition, its bazaar, the Khân al-Khalili is one of the most famous. With its 10 million inhabitants, it is also the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the daily life of the Egyptian people and to appreciate their sweetness of life.      

 dive into the red sea
 Image by Hans Dietmann on Pixabay

 Dive into the red sea

The Red Sea is one of the most famous diving spots in the world due to the richness of its flora and fauna. And for good reason, it contains more than a thousand species of invertebrates, two hundred species of corals and more than three hundred species of … sharks! And if you’re worried about diving, you can still enjoy it by snorkeling or just a relaxing swim.      

Convinced of why hiking in Egypt? In this case, you can contact our local partner. Do not forget to check your visas, vaccines and others … You can consult our list to not forget anything!       

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