Why hiking in Bulgaria?

With Greece and Turkey to the south, the Danube and Romania to the north, and finally Serbia and Northern Macedonia to the west, Bulgaria is well surrounded! This has given the country a rich history: the land of ancient Thrace, the cradle of the Cyrillic alphabet… The geography is also full with many mountains and a beautiful part of coastline on the Black Sea. After this overview of why hiking in Bulgaria, we suggest you take a closer look.

Alexander Nevski Cathedral in Sofia, Bulgaria
Image by 5163451 of Pixabay

For its historical monuments

The historical richness and the many influences of past peoples have created many monuments: fortresses, churches or withdrawn monasteries can therefore embellish your stay in a beautiful way. We can quote for example:

  • Alexander Nevski Cathedral in Sofia (pictured above)
  • St. Sophia’s Basilica Church in Sofia
  • Tzarevetz, former royal city in the region of Veliko Tarnovo

For its proximity to Greece

Want to visit the hereditary countries of Thraces and Greeks in the same stay? Bulgaria is ideal for this. Indeed, it shares 80% of its southern border with Greece. It is therefore easy to move from one country to another to enjoy the wonders that each of its countries can offer in this region. Like the Meteora site pictured above for example.

Because it’s not just yoghurt that is delicious in Bulgaria

Traditional Bulgarian salad
Image by Christo Anestev of Pixabay

Bulgaria confirms its position as a crossroads of civilizations with its important culinary wealth. Indeed, Greek, Slavic and Middle Eastern influences are present in the diversity of dishes. Here are some examples:

  • The tarator: cold soup (or liquid salad) made with yoghurt, cucumbers, garlic, walnuts, dill, vegetable oil and water
  • Teleshko vareno: Vegetable-cooked veal: potatoes, carrots and onions
  • Kavarma: stew made from meat and vegetables (mushrooms, leeks)
  • Tiknevik: squash cake

You will inevitably find dishes to your liking in Bulgaria.

To enjoy nature

Krushina waterfall in Bulgaria
Image by David Mark of Pixabay

With its bands of mountains that cross the country from side to side and the black sea that borders the east, Bulgaria offers a beautiful natural playground. Above, an example of what Bulgarian nature can offer with the Krushina waterfalls…

For its traditions and folklore

Bulgarian traditional costume
Image by MireXa of Pixabay

With colourful costumes, there are many festivals and events that highlight Bulgarian traditions. It is often an opportunity to enjoy Bulgarian dances and songs.

For easy access to Europe

By air, from Paris, it takes about 2 hours of flight. And if you have time, it’s even possible to drive there. It can be a way to get a glimpse of other countries on the road.

Convinced of why hiking in Bulgaria? In this case, you can contact our local partner.

Don’t forget to check your visas, vaccines and other… You can check out our list to remember nothing!

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